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Mini Loader,(WSM953G)

construction loader WSM953G Product feature:

1.Super unloading height(3.5m), large rated load(7T), big bucket capacity(4.5m3), suitable for various working conditions.


2.The bucket is automatically released and the operation efficiency is high.

Reduce fatigue strength of drivers


3.Fully hydraulic steering ,easy operation ,flexible.


4.Low oil consumption ,high quality turbo engine ,good performance,big torque.High reliable.


construction loader WSM953G Standard configuration

l Weichai engineconstruction loader WSM953G

l   SDLG gear box

l  WSM heavy duty 50 drive axle

l  Bucket capacity:4.5m3

construction loader WSM953G Optional

l Cummins engineconstruction loader WSM953G

l   Steyr engine

l Shanghai engine

l  Weichai engine

l  MP3/radio

l   A/C

l ire protection chainconstruction loader WSM953G

l  fire extinguisher

l Concentrated lubrication


5.The new steel structure cab, wide field of view , larger operating space, sealing well.


6.reinforced front and rear frame, the whole machine has a reasonable distribution, strong bearing capacity and good stability.


7.Optimized working device  , large break force

Note:Due to technical innovations, above all are for reference only,all information subject to finnal confirmation!

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